Introducing flexible configuration packages for the Alto Digital SPR System

In today’s challenging economic climate, both biotechs and academic labs are navigating through tough times, particularly when it comes to securing funding for essential equipment and research initiatives. At Nicoya, we recognize the impact of these economic challenges and are committed to providing innovative solutions to support scientific progress.

To address the economic hurdles faced by research labs, we’re excited to introduce our latest offering: flexible configuration packages for the Alto™ Digital SPR™ system. These packages are designed to make cutting-edge digital SPR technology more accessible and affordable for labs of all sizes and budgets.

Alto – the next-generation SPR platform for label-free analysis

As the world’s most user-friendly SPR system powered by digital microfluidics, Alto revolutionizes real-time biomolecular interaction analysis by streamlining assays and providing publication-quality data. Its intuitive software, the Nicosystem™, takes you from assay design to data analysis within a few clicks. With its fluidics-free design, Alto also bypasses a lot of the maintenance issues typically found in traditional SPR and BLI platforms. 

In addition, Alto’s 16 independent channels enable the simultaneous analysis of multiple targets in various assay formats, while significantly reducing hands-on time with complete assay automation. Alto’s sensors provide a versatile surface for direct target immobilization or capturing targets with protein A, anti-Fc antibodies, anti-histidine tag antibodies, and others, enabling characterization of a wide range of biomolecular systems from discovery to development.

Figure 1: Alto™ digital SPR platform on a laboratory bench. Our next-gen technology integrates SPR, DMF, and nanotechnology-based biosensors to provide a low-footprint, user-friendly, and automated solution for researchers.

Assay applications

Alto offers streamlined workflows for a variety of assays:

  • Quantitation – Determine up to 40 unknown analyte concentrations per experiment. Alto automates on-cartridge dilutions of the known standards to seamlessly generate a calibration curve with five-parameter logistic (5PL) fitting and quantify the unknowns. Read our tech note on quantifying monoclonal antibodies in serum to learn more. 
  • Screening – Screen up to 96 interactions in just a few hours and use Alto’s visualization tools to select the most relevant hits. Read our app note on screening of influenza antiviral targets to learn more. 
  • Epitope binning / mapping – Process up to 256 interactions in a single cartridge with one-click analysis. Alto simplifies competition assays to identify unique binders with its 16×16 binning format, which results summarized as a heat map for easy interpretation. Read our app note on epitope characterization of influenza antiviral targets to learn more. 

Tailored to your research needs

Our new Alto configuration options offer flexibility that allows labs to choose software features aligned with their research objectives and financial considerations:

  • Alto system with Nicosystem Pro: This comprehensive package includes kinetics, quantitation, screening, and epitope binning modules, making it the ultimate configuration for biologics discovery.
  • Alto system with Nicosystem Essentials: Ideal for labs with tighter budgets, this configuration comes with the kinetics module. Additional modules such as quantitation and screening can be added as research evolves.

Embracing connectivity for seamless collaboration

In addition to flexible configuration options, we’re enhancing accessibility with optional Cloud Mode connectivity. With this feature, researchers can access their experiments and data from anywhere, fostering seamless collaboration and convenience even in remote work environments.

Join the countless labs worldwide choosing Alto

With Alto’s flexible configuration options, labs can embark on their projects with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how Alto can revolutionize your research.

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