SPR is a powerful technique that every biochemist needs. Surface plasmon resonance applications range from antibodies to DNA and everything in between. Compact, user-friendly and affordable, Nicoya's OpenSPR brings the power of label-free analysis to your bench. You can easily determine rate and affinity constants, specificity, simply check if an interaction is occurring and more! You won't need to waste precious sample or spend hours preparing and completing an experiment. Analyze binding kinetics of proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, aptamers, small molecules, lipids, carbohydrates, and more.

surface plasmon resonance applications

No labels needed

No one likes wasting time and money on labeling reagents. Forget radiolabels and fluorescent tags

Small sample volumes

Our sample loops start at 20 µL, saving you precious sample unlike other techniques.

Real-time data

Learn more about your binding events in real time. Measure kinetic rate and affinity constants with ease.


Our sensor chips start at $15, allowing you to spend your research dollars on innovation not consumables.

User-friendly platform and software

OpenSPR is simple, new lab members can learn how to use it in minutes.

Simple maintenance

OpenSPR is elegantly simple and easy to maintain, meaning if it breaks you can afford to fix it with minimal down time.