Publications, Posters, and Presentations

A selection of scientific work that uses OpenSPR

Structural Consequences of Calmodulin EF Hand Mutations

M. Piazza, V. Taiakina, T. Dieckmann, and J. G. Guillemette, Biochemistry

Fluorescence Enhancing Aptamers in Biosensing Applications (Poster)

V. La and T. Dieckmann, Rustbelt RNA Meeting 2016, Cleveland, United States

The structure, kinetics and interactions of the β-carboxysomal β-carbonic anhydrase, CcaA

L.D. McGurn, M. Moazami-Goudarzi, S.A. White, T. Suwal, B. Brar, J.Q. Tang, G.S. Espie and M.S. Kimber, Biochemical Journal

Structural Studies of a Complex Between Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase and Calmodulin at Physiological Calcium Concentration

M. Piazza, T. Dieckmann*, and G. Guillemette, Biochemistry

Synthesis and Sensing Properties of D5h Pentagonal Silver Star Nanoparticles

N. Cathcart, N. Coombs, I. Gourevich and V.Kitaev, Nanoscale

Gold-plated silver nanoparticles engineered for sensitive plasmonic detection amplified by morphological changes

K. Hobbs, N. Cathcart, and V. Kitaev, Chemical Communications

Stable ligand-free stellated polyhedral gold nanoparticles for sensitive plasmonic detection

R. Keunen, D. Macoreetta, N. Cathcart, and V. Kitaev, Nanoscale


Investigating binding kinetics of RNA aptamers via the Open SPR system (Poster).

V. La, T. Dieckmann, Rustbelt RNA Meeting 2015, Sandusky, United States

Dynamics of Calmodulin's Interaction with Nitric Oxide Synthase at Physiological Calcium Concentrations (Presentation).

M. Piazza and G. Guillemette, Laurier Protein Science Symposium, Waterloo, Canada