Hello Boston, Meet Nicoya.

We are super excited to introduce our new lab in Boston! Meet the dynamic team behind the launch and discover the capabilities of our innovative instruments.

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news from the heart of Boston’s biotech hub! Following the launch of our San Francisco Lab, Nicoya Lifesciences is excited to announce the opening of our latest lab nestled inside Nest.Bio Labs and set in the midst of Boston’s vibrant ecosystem of startups and research institutions.

A look inside our new Boston lab.

Boston: A Flourishing Biotech Hub 

Boston, sometimes called “Biotech Bay” or the “East Coast Silicon Valley” of Biotech, is a global epicenter for biotechnological innovation, boasting over 1,000 biotech companies. The city’s unique strength lies in its rich academic landscape, housing world-renowned universities and research institutions. 

The city’s culture is deeply rooted in innovation, supported by robust investment and a strategic global position. This vibrant environment attracts a diverse community, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. Boston’s dynamic biotech ecosystem is an ideal setting for Nicoya’s new lab, positioning us at the heart of groundbreaking research and development in life sciences

Meet the Boston team

We had the opportunity to chat with Juan Liu, Field Applications Scientist and manager of our new Boston lab. Juan shared her insights and excitement about the opportunities and potential the new facility brings to the forefront of biotech research.

Juan Liu, Field Application Scientist and Manager of the Boston lab

“Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your role at Nicoya?”

Juan: “As the manager and Field Application Scientist for the Boston Lab, I bring extensive experience in enzyme kinetics acquired through my academic training and industry journey where I have specialized in both small molecule drug discovery and bispecific antibody drug discovery.”

What excites you the most about working with Nicoya and the OpenSPR® and Alto™ instruments?

Juan: “Nicoya is known for its advanced technologies in the field of surface plasmon resonance (SPR), particularly with instruments like OpenSPR® and Alto™. These platforms have broad applications including protein-protein interactions, antibody screening and optimization, nucleic acid characterizations, etc. I am thrilled to work with these state-of-the-art scientific instruments and I take pride in contributing to Nicoya’s mission of supporting scientists and driving advancements in the dynamic field of drug discovery.”

In your opinion, what sets our instrumentation apart from others in the market; how can it accelerate research in biotech?

Juan: “Nicoya’s OpenSPR and Alto instruments utilize the principles of Localized SPR (LSPR) for their operation. LSPR involves the excitation of localized surface plasmons within gold nanoparticles, leading to highly sensitive detection of changes in the local environment. By leveraging LSPR technology, OpenSPR and Alto offer enhanced sensitivity and specificity for studying molecular interactions, all at a more affordable cost and with enhanced user-friendliness.”

What are some of the different types of research projects and experiments that can be carried out in this lab?

Juan: “Various types of assays could be carried out in our Boston lab including kinetics/affinity characterization, yes/no binding through screening, competition assays, concentration analysis, epitope mapping/binning, and more. Our instruments are compatible with proteins, peptides, antibodies, nucleic acids, lipids, small molecules, adeno-associated viruses (AAV), virus-like particles (VLPs), lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), hormones/cytokines, and crude samples.”

As the manager of the Boston lab, what are your long-term goals and vision for its role in advancing biotech research in the region?

Juan: “My primary goal is to establish our lab as a center of research excellence by fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Building partnerships with local biotech companies and research institutions  is a key strategy to create a collaborative ecosystem that  benefits the entire region. I am committed to actively engage with the local biotech community through workshops, seminars, and conferences to elevate our lab’s visibility and recognition. Additionally, I want to highlight the importance of staying adaptable to evolving trends and challenges in biotech research.  Developing a strategic plan that enables the lab to respond effectively to emerging opportunities is integral to our long-term success.”

Welcome to Alto™ digital SPR: your next benchtop SPR system.

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