Protein A – IgG Interaction Analysis Using Alto™

Figure 4. Binding curves measured using Alto™ for Protein A – IgG for IgG concentrations at 0.407nM, 1.22nM, 3.66nM, 11nM, 33nM, 100nM, 300nM, and 900nM. The solid black lines represent the one-to-one kinetic model fits.


Alto™ is a high-throughput benchtop surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument providing detailed binding kinetics and affinity data for a wide variety of molecular interactions. Alto™ uses digital microfluidics (DMF) instead of traditional pumps, valves and tubing for sample handling and delivery to the SPR sensors for label-free analysis. DMF is a liquid handling technology capable of accurately controlling and manipulating discrete nanodroplets with electricity. DMF-powered SPR significantly improves performance, data accuracy and consistency while enabling all sensors and fluidics to be contained in a single, disposable Alto Cartridge. This revolutionary technology only requires 2μl of sample for full kinetics, performs serial dilutions automatically on-chip, and delivers near-instantaneous switching between buffer and sample.

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