Binding Kinetics of an Antibody Serum Sample Using OpenSPR™

Figure 2. Binding of anti-MIgG at 600 nM, 120 nM, 24 nM, 4.8 nM, and
0.96 nM to the immobilized MIgG. The solid black lines represent the one to-one kinetic model fits.


A common application of the SPR technique is antibody screening, which is critical to the development of vaccines and other immunotherapies. Since this development often involves screening animal sera, analytes for these applications are often found in complex matrices. In this application note, OpenSPR™ was used to detect, and measure the kinetics of anti-MIgG from diluted antiserum. OpenSPR™ is an affordable and user-friendly SPR instrument that enables the measurement of label-free binding kinetics of diverse biomolecular interactions. Additionally, positive and negative controls were used to confirm the activity and specificity of the immobilized ligand and to verify the binding constants for the serum sample.