Helping scientists succeed in the Bay Area: Meet the team behind our new San Francisco lab

We’re excited to announce the opening of our brand-new lab facility in San Francisco! Meet the team behind this exciting development and explore how we’re supporting drug discovery in the Bay Area.

Over the past decade, Nicoya has achieved new heights through relentless dedication and groundbreaking accomplishments. This year, we proudly announce yet another remarkable milestone in our journey: the opening of our brand-new lab facility in San Francisco. This expansion not only reflects our unwavering commitment to empowering scientific research but also marks a significant step forward from our initial success in the Greater Boston Area.

In the bustling Bay Area, a hotspot for biotechnology innovation and research, Nicoya will continue to advance scientific discoveries with cutting-edge surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology. We are excited to provide sample evaluations and in-person instrument demonstrations, catering to the needs of industry professionals and academic researchers passionate about molecular affinity and binding kinetic applications. 

Alto and OpenSPR instruments in new the San Francisco lab facility.
A look inside our new San Francisco lab facility.

San Francisco: A region of scientific excellence 

At Nicoya, we take great pride in our mission to empower scientists with life-saving technology. Trusted by over 500 institutions across 50 countries, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation with world-class SPR platforms. With accessibility and user-friendliness at the forefront, our SPR technology offers scientists a streamlined and cost-effective research solution. As we expand to the Bay Area, our goal is to offer in-depth demonstrations of our SPR instruments, contribute to advancements in science and drug discovery, and create a supportive community for scientists. 

San Francisco, known as the birthplace of biotechnology, is globally renowned for its abundance of biotechnology companies, esteemed academic institutions, and visionary entrepreneurs. Situated just minutes away from the tech powerhouse of Silicon Valley, this region is home to the world’s most extensive biotech cluster, housing over 200 biotech offices and R&D facilities. By establishing our presence here, we aim to not only introduce a broader customer base to our instruments but also contribute to the growth and advancement of this thriving biotech community. 

Meet the San Francisco team

To gain insights into this exciting new chapter, we sat down with Wayne Gu, Field Application Scientist and Manager of the San Francisco Lab, to discuss his role and thoughts on our expansion:

Image of Wayne Gu, Field Application Scientist and Manager of the San Francisco lab
Wayne Gu, Field Application Scientist and Manager of the San Francisco lab

“Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your role at Nicoya?”

Wayne: “I am currently the Field Application Scientist and Lab Manager at Nicoya. I offer over four years of experience in drug discovery, specializing in macromolecular bioanalytics and label-free technologies.”

“What motivated you to join our company and manage the new lab in San Francisco?

Wayne: “Traditional SPR technology has been around for more than three decades and the introduction of Nicoya’s user-friendly, high-throughput SPR instruments presents an exciting opportunity for me to make an impact on human health and drug discovery.

I firmly believe in making SPR technology accessible to a broad spectrum of scientists at all levels, enabling them to successfully understand their research.”

“In your opinion, what sets our instrumentation apart from others in the market, and how can it accelerate research in biotech?”

Wayne: “The nature of user-friendly, high-throughput design and our commitment to customer success sets our instrument apart from traditional SPR. The fully automated instrument is designed to expedite research projects with peace of mind, enabling faster turn-around time with accurate binding results.”

Our San Francisco Bay Area Account Executive, Mo Hasoon using OpenSPR in the new lab.
San Francisco Bay Area Account Executive, Mo Hasoon using OpenSPR® in the new lab.

Can you share some examples of the types of research projects that can be facilitated by the instrumentation in the lab?”

Wayne: “Our instruments analyze a wide range of biomolecular interactions anywhere from small peptides to large biomolecules and multi-protein/lipid complexes (VLP&LNP). Research projects can range from high throughput campaigns by affinity screening to detailed binding kinetics that facilitate the understanding of drug molecule property and mechanism of action.”

“As the manager of the San Francisco lab, what are your long-term goals and vision for its role in advancing biotech research in the region?”

Wayne: Our goal is to provide top-notch demonstrations of high-throughput SPR instruments to help advance science and drug discovery. Eventually, we aim to expand our scope by offering SPR service to companies seeking a deep understanding of their molecules and science. 

Our vision for this laboratory is to create a thriving community for both current and future SPR scientists, creating an environment where they can excel in their experiments and benefit from shared learning experiences.”

Alto digtal SPR system on a lab benchtop
Alto™ digital SPR: the world’s first high-throughput, benchtop SPR system.

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