Label-Free Characterization of ImmTAC® Bispecific Molecules for T-Cell Redirecting Immunotherapy using Alto™

Graphic figure showing redirected tumor lysis
ImmTAC molecule targeting a T-cell receptor and tumor-specific pHLA, which induces the release of cytotoxic proteins upon bridging and results in tumor cell apoptosis.


Bispecific proteins offer a promising new modality for the treatment of cancer and have subsequently gained attention in recent years as the next generation of cancer immunotherapy. In this application note, we demonstrate Alto’s applicability to the development of T-cell redirecting bispecific proteins as therapeutic agents for cancer.

Alto is used to accurately measure affinities spanning 5 orders of magnitude from 8 bispecific ImmTAC® molecules developed by Immunocore, and provide affinity and off-rate ranking that is equivalent to that obtained with traditional SPR.