Unlocking Molecular Determinants of Pathogen Virulence and Transmission with Surface Plasmon Resonance


As key determinants of a pathogen’s ability to infect or damage its hosts, ‘virulence factors’ have generated much interest as key targets for treatment against common infectious diseases. Ranging from cellular structures that promote colonization, to molecules, both synthesized or acquired, that induce host damage, virulence factors are being increasingly studied using innovative multidisciplinary approaches to expand our ability to effectively target them.


In this webinar, we’re excited to put the spotlight on rising investigators of disease-causing pathogens that are progressing this exciting field of research. Featuring two case studies from PhD Candidates Juliet Obi from UMB, and Albert Serrano from UCF, you’ll learn about the advanced binding and structural techniques they are applying in their research to better understand molecular determinants of virulence and pathogenic transmission.


Juliet Obi Headshot
Juliet Obi

Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Albert Serrano Headshot
Albert Serrano

Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida

Hniang Khamh Headshot
Hniang Khamh, PhD

Manager, Field Applications Scientist, Nicoya

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