Characterization of HuCAL Fab-MH binding kinetics on Alto™ digital surface plasmon resonance using a Twin-Strep-tag® capture system


In this application note, Alto™ digital SPR was used to characterize HuCAL Fab-MH kinetics using the TwinStrep-tag® Capture Kit, demonstrating the compatibility of the Strep-TactinXT® as a capture molecule on the Alto™ platform.

The streptavidin-biotin interaction is frequently leveraged for purification and detection of biomolecules due to its high affinity and stability. However, the interaction cannot be easily regenerated on biosensor platforms such as SPR or BLI. In order to address this problem, IBA Lifesciences has developed the Twin-Strep-tag® Capture Kit. This kit utilizes Strep-TactinXT®, a modified streptavidin molecule that binds molecules with a Strep-tag®, a short protein fusion tag. This interaction retains the high affinity and stability of the streptavidin-biotin interaction, while also being reversible using a standard SPR regeneration solution.

Schematic representation of the molecules used in the IBA-Lifesciences Twin-Strep-tag® Capture Kit