Characterization of Fc Gamma Receptors and IgG Interactions using Alto™: Comparison to BLI


Label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions is critical in the development of biologics, but current analytical instruments are not equipped to meet the needs of the modern biologics researcher. They require substantial amounts of sample and years of experience to produce high-quality data. Alto, Nicoya’s Digital SPR platform, solves these problems through the use of digital microfluidics and integrated LSPR sensors.

This application note demonstrates the application of Alto for measuring biomolecular interactions and generating data that is comparable to biolayer interferometry (BLI). Alto requires only a fraction of sample and hands-on time to obtain affinity and kinetics data that is highly-agreeable with a standard BLI platform, making it an extremely efficient platform for biologics discovery and development.

Flow chart of Alto vs BLI workflow with step time summary. This figure summarizes side by side user workflow steps executed from sample preparation to data analysis. Overall, the same experiment required 28 minutes of hands-on operator time with Alto, compared to 66 minutes with the BLI instrument.