OpenSPR 2-Channel Instrument for Protein Interaction Analysis


OpenSPR™ is a powerful instrument providing in-depth label-free binding kinetics for a variety of different molecular interactions. The determination of kinetic binding constants for antibody-antigen interactions is critical in many research and development applications. These are often high-affinity interactions which can make them challenging for analysis. A well-known example of a high affinity interaction is that between Protein A and Human IgG. Protein A is commonly used as a capture molecule for IgG antibody immobilization, providing strong and reliable capture with a low dissociation rate. In this application note, OpenSPR™ is used to measure the affinity and kinetics between Protein A and Human IgG. We demonstrate how the 2-channel OpenSPR is able to quickly and easily generate high quality data by simultaneously removing any drift and/or non-specific binding via the reference channel.