Analyze protein-lipid interactions with your own benchtop SPR. Compact, user-friendly and affordable, Nicoya’s OpenSPR allows for label-free analysis on your own bench. Tired of wasting precious sample and time with methods such as ITC? Determine binding kinetics and affinity constants (kon, koff, KD) of lipid interactions in no time with minimal sample. We have developed SPR sensor chips that are perfect for studying lipid interactions. Read more in our latest article.


  • Determine kinetics and affinity (kon, koff, and KD) values
  • Yes/No Binding

Application Highlight

Protein-lipid interaction analyzed with OpenSPR to determine binding kinetics

protein-lipid binding kinetics

Use Cases

  • Expressed protein interactions
  • Extracted protein interactions
  • Membrane proteins
  • Protein-lipid interactions
  • Lipid chains
  • Vesicles & lipid bilayers

Download the Protein-Lipid Application Note