Why SPR?

SPR will become a standard technique available in every single biochemistry lab.

Surface plasmon resonance has become the golden standard for providing optimal quality kinetics, real time interaction data, and label-free analysis for a wide variety of applications.

Ever since the inception of surface plasmon resonance, for more than two decades, it has becoming increasingly more affordable and accessible to researchers than ever before. One of the notable benefits of surface plasmon resonance is the value that SPR data can add to one’s research. In fact, there are strong indications that SPR will become a standard technique available in every single biochemistry lab because it uncovers the true nature of binding interactions. The top six benefits of surface plasmon resonance include:

  1. Real-time monitoring
    • Provides binding kinetics such as on and off rates on top of yes and no binding and affinity values
  2. Label-free detection
    • Measure interaction between analyte and ligand without spending time and money on expensive labeling reagents and protocols (i.e., radioactive fluorescent labels).
  3. Conserve precious samples
    • The nature of the technology requires only minimal amounts of sample saving costs, reducing time needed for expression and purification.
  4. Reusable sensor chips
    • Regeneration buffers are used to disrupt the interaction between the analyte and ligand providing you with reusable sensor chips
  5. Complex sample testing
    • Surface plasmon resonance can be used to test crude samples for applications such as serum analysis reducing time and cost associated with purification
  6. Reliability and Accuracy
    • Ability to replicate experiments with ease through replicable sample injections and obtain accurate results from repeatable measurements

Make your next scientific breakthrough with SPR

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