Comparison of two docking methods for peptide-protein interactions

Yu, Q.; Wang, F.; Hu, X.; Xing, G.; Deng, R.; Guo, J.; Cheng, A.; Wang, J.; Hao, J.; Zhao, D.; Teng, M.; Zhang, G., Comparison of two docking methods for peptide-protein interactions. J Sci Food Agric 2018, 98 (10), 3722-3727.

Interaction Type: Protein-peptide

Abstract: The importance of peptides in regulatory interactions has caused peptide-protein docking to attract the attention of many researchers. A variety of methods for molecular modeling of peptide-protein docking, such as local search and global search, are currently used.

The interactions of 11 peptides and CSFV E2 protein were evaluated by the GalaxyPepDock and FlexX/ SYBYL programs, respectively. The assessment scores of all the peptides were correlated with their KD values. The final results showed that a moderate correlation coefficient was represented between KD values and CScores of predicted models by FlexX/ SYBYL.

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