Characterization of biosimilars derived from PlantForm’s vivoXPRESS® technology with Alto™ Digital SPR


Biological drugs, or biologics, have transformed patient outcomes worldwide due to their ability to treat diseases with a higher degree of precision and specificity compared to small-molecule drugs. While biosimilars, which are highly similar copies of existing biologics, have increased affordability to biologics due to their abbreviated approval process, there still remains a need for more cost-effective and efficient methods to develop these drugs due to their complexity and increasing demand. In this application note, Alto Digital SPR was used to characterize biosimilars derived from PlantForm’s vivoXPRESS® technology, demonstrating its ability to provide high-quality data while reducing time to answer.

Single-cycle kinetics of Keytruda® (analyte) binding to immobilized PD-1 (ligand) on Alto. Analyte was titrated from 1.23 nM to 100 nM. Black curve is the Langmuir 1:1 binding fit model analyzed in the Nicosystem analysis software.