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To support researchers during COVID-19, we’re offering SPR expertise on data analysis and experimental design at no cost. Learn more about all of our COVID-19 initiatives:


We empower scientists with accessible SPR instrumentation


Alto is the world’s first SPR instrument to integrate digital microfluidics (DMF), artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology. Unlike traditional SPR instruments, Alto is user-friendly, high throughput, low maintenance, and requires exceptionally low sample volume to perform binding kinetics and affinity analyses.



OpenSPR™ provides high quality, label-free interaction analysis for a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. This user friendly, highly affordable and low maintenance product uses our proprietary LSPR sensors to deliver repeatable, highly sensitive binding kinetics and binding affinity data.



OpenSPR-XT™ is a modified version of OpenSPR™ that is capable of automated and high throughput 24X7 operation. This product is built on our cutting-edge and affordable nanotechnology biosensor platform. Just like OpenSPR™, this product is also user friendly, highly affordable and requires low maintenance.


“OpenSPR offers the perfect combination of performance and affordability, which will accelerate our research while saving our lab money.”

Thorsten -Thorsten Dieckmann, Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Chemistry, Univertsity of Waterloo

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Nicoya is a Canadian biotechnology company whose mission is to improve human life by helping scientists succeed. Established in 2015, Nicoya is the fruition of Ryan Denomme’s relentless pursuit to use nanotechnology to increase the affordability and simplicity of scientific instruments. As CEO, Ryan continues to bring his vision to life at Nicoya, innovating groundbreaking products. Currently, Nicoya is composed of 60+ passionate and talented individuals who have extensive experience working at the forefront of nanotechnology and biotechnology sectors. Located in the heart of Canada’s Silicon Valley, Nicoya is proud to call Kitchener-Waterloo it’s home base and is globally empowering scientists in over 40 countries.

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