OpenSPR Sensors

Optimize easily with a wide-range of affordable sensor chips

Sensor Chips


Our nanotechnology enabled sensors are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure consistent and repeatable measurements, at half of the price of traditional sensors. We achieve less than 2% CV on all critical optical properties. Our sensors are stable in a variety of solvents, buffers and reagents.

Surface Chemistries

OpenSPR sensor surfaces are available as plain gold surfaces for custom surface functionalization or with a variety of functional surface chemistries. These sensor chips reduce the time and effort needed for immobilization while improving repeatability.
  • Carboxyl - any amine group via EDC/NHS
  • NTA - his-tagged targets
  • Biotin - biotin tagged targets
  • Steptavidin - streptavidin coupled targets
  • GST - GST-tagged biomolecules/proteins
  • Protein A - IgG based antibodies
  • Amine - any carboxyl group via EDC/NHS
  • Liposome Binding (LIP) - liposomes/membrane proteins
  • Hydrophobic (MEM) - lipid monolayer
  • Thiol - maleimide-taged ligands
  • Standard Gold - non-functionalized and perfect for custom surface chemistry development and ligands with thiol groups