OpenSPR Sensors

Tired of expensive surface plasmon resonance sensor chips? Our nanotechnology enabled sensor chips are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure consistent and repeatable measurements, at 1/6th of the price of traditional sensors. We achieve less than 2% CV on all critical optical properties. Our sensors are stable in a variety of solvents, buffers and reagents.

Plain Gold Sensors

Standard OpenSPR sensor chips are made from highly sensitive nanogold film on high optical quality glass. This nanofilm generate strong localized surface plasmon resonance absorbance in the visible spectrum. Standard gold chemistry can be used to functionalize the nanoparticle surfaces for a variety of applications.

Surface Chemistries

OpenSPR sensor surfaces are available as plain gold surfaces for custom surface functionalization or with a variety of functional surface chemistries. These sensor chips reduce the time and effort needed for immobilization while improving repeatability.

  • Biotin coated for immobilization of streptavidin coupled targets
  • Streptavidin coated for immobilization of biotin tagged targets
  • NTA coated for immobilization of his-tagged targets
  • Carboxyl coated for immobilization via EDC/NHS coupling to any amine group
  • Hydrophobic coated for immobilization of lipids/membrane proteins
  • Amine coated for immobilization via EDC/NHS coupling to any carboxyl group