OpenSPR Cuvette Holder

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Cuvette holder add-on used to convert OpenSPR into a visible spectrophotometer

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The Cuvette Holder can be used to convert OpenSPR into a visible spectrophotometer for cuvette based absorbance measurements with a 1-cm path length. In addition to static measurements it can also perform time resolved spectroscopic measurements. Applications include colorimetic assays, kinetics, quantification with Beer's Law, and more. An example application in which the kinetics of the glucose oxidase enzyme reaction are determined can be found in the Application Note.

The Cuvette Holder is quick and easy to install and remove, with no tools required. Measurements can be performed from 350-800nm with wavelength resolution of  6.0nm and integration time from 10us up to 10s.

The Cuvette Holder fits with most standard cuvettes and micro cuvettes with an opening for cuvettes of 12.5x12.5mm. The beam height is 8.5mm.

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