Nicoya Hires Senior Sales and Marketing Executive Jim Harp to Drive Global Expansion

Nicoya Lifesciences adds experienced sales and marketing expert Jim Harp to the team as VP of Business Development to help establish distribution and strategic OEM partners to fuel growth

Kitchener, ON, April 4, 2016: Nicoya Lifesciences, a growing biotechnology company, announced their recent addition to the growing team, Jim Harp, as their new VP of Business Development as part of their ongoing plan to get the OpenSPR in the hands of every researcher.

This comes amidst Nicoya’s pursuit of fueling the growth of OpenSPR through international expansion via channel partners and strategic OEM partners. The ideal Nicoya candidate was someone with a proven track record in biotechnology sales and business development, and is fully dedicated to driving the global growth potential. Jim is that perfect fit – a California native with deep industry sales experience and a fondness for KW. In addition, he is down to earth – in his spare time, Jim spends his weekends motocross racing, desert dirt biking, surfing and coaching hockey. In order for the surrounding community to know Harp better, he was interviewed in our latest blog post, found here.

Harp has over 20 years of experience in various senior management positions in sales, marketing, and channel development. He helped scale a number of products and businesses globally by establishing and managing distribution partners and strategic OEM relationships. He has extensive experience working in optics and photonics for the medical diagnostic and analytical instrumentation market while with companies like PerkinElmer and Semrock (now Idex).

When asked about his history with Kitchener-Waterloo city, ironically, he comments on his past experience in working for Christie Digital, then Electrohome, now Nicoya’s new office in March of 2016.

Harp further comments on how he was able to integrate into the team so quickly even while working remotely. “Everyone has as a single goal, which is to grow Nicoya. No politics, nothing to get in the way of us all doing our job and doing our best each and every day.”

As Harp gets a head start working with Ryan and Tijana at conferences and biochemistry-based shows, he is excited to grow the business and build the sales channel after having successfully launched demos during his first Asian tour to Japan, China and Singapore.

Harp’s next focus in the upcoming months will be on establishing key partners in North America and Europe. You can find Jim Harp on Linkedin or send him a personal email.

About Nicoya Lifesciences
Nicoya Lifesciences is a nanotechnology company developing sensor products that will change the world. It is committed to bringing high quality products with unique, innovative designs to market to solve some of the world’s most important problems. OpenSPR, Nicoya’s flagship product, is the world’s first personal SPR instrument. Using proprietary nanotechnology sensors, it provides powerful label-free molecular analysis in a compact, easy to use, and affordable package.

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