How to Publish SPR data within 3 Months with help from our Customer Support Scientists

We understand how hard it is juggle research projects, especially when implementing new tools into your lab. Researchers should focus on publishing and that’s why we provide an extensive team of customer success scientists to help you use surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to get the binding affinity and kinetics data you need for publications. Think of them like an extension of your lab, where they can help you with anything from experimental optimization to data analysis. So what are you waiting for? Accelerate your research with OpenSPR and publish within 3 months! Here’s how:

Scientific publications involving SPR have increased drastically over the years. SPR has become fundamental for publications while traditional techniques like Western Blots are becoming less important.

OpenSPR is a user-friendly and low maintenance benchtop SPR solution that is currently being used by hundreds of researchers. With access to SPR technology on your lab bench, you can get the high quality data you need to accelerate your research and publish faster.

Find out how benchtop SPR can help you publish sooner:

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