Small Molecule Interaction

Label-free binding and affinity data on your benchtop

OpenSPR is a user-friendly and low maintenance SPR solution that allows researchers to characterize biomolecular interactions in real-time measurements. Analyze the kon, koff, and KD of your protein-small molecule interactions with Nicoya's OpenSPR. 


  • Determine kon and koff (kinetics) and KD (affinity) values
  • Yes/No Binding
  • Determine inhibition
  • Specificity
  • Ranking and screening

Application Highlight

Small-molecule-protein interaction of Ceftazidime to determine kinetics

small molecule binding kinetics

Use Cases

  • Drug discovery
  • Small molecule development
  • Expressed protein interactions
  • Isolated/extracted protein interactions
  • Screening for ligand binding partners

Learn how OpenSPR can help accelerate your research with binding & affinity data on your benchtop.