Protein Binding Kinetics

Label-Free Protein Analysis

Analyze protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions with your personal SPR. Compact, user-friendly and affordable, Nicoya’s OpenSPR allows for label-free analysis on your own bench. Determine protein binding kinetics and affinity constants (kon, koff, KD, presence of a protein/binding events or quantify protein levels in no time.


  • Determine kon, koff, and KD values (Affinity)
  • Quantify levels of protein at different development stages
  • Quantity levels of protein at different expression levels
  • Yes/No binding
  • Determine presence of protein and antibody
  • Determine levels of crude antibody titer
  • Screening for ligand binding partners
  • Specificity

Application Highlight

Protein-protein interaction measured to determine kinetics with OpenSPR

Use Cases

  • Expressed protein interactions
  • Extracted protein interactions
  • Crude lysate binding detection and relative quantification
  • Antibodies
  • Quality control
  • Drug discovery

"The OpenSPR is a very versatile and affordable system that has allowed us to accurately measure protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions without the need to label the interacting molecules. It is user-friendly, versatile and the sensor chips are not very expensive. Both graduate and undergraduate students have used the instrument to generate reliable data."

Dr. Guy Guillemette

Chemistry, University of Waterloo

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