Nucleic Acid Interaction

Label-free binding and affinity data on your benchtop

OpenSPR is a user-friendly and low maintenance SPR solution that allows researchers to characterize biomolecular interactions in real-time measurements. Analyze the kon, koff, and KD of your protein-DNA, protein-RNA and aptamer interactions with Nicoya's OpenSPR. 


  • Determine kon and koff (kinetics) and KD (affinity) values
  • Quantify levels of protein at different development stages
  • Yes/No binding and screening of SELEX aptamers
  • Screening for ligand binding partners
  • Specificity

Application Highlight

Aptamer-protein interaction analyzed with OpenSPR to determine binding kinetics

aptamer protein interaction using surface plasmon resonance

Use Cases

  • Aptamer characterization
  • Analyzing DNA and RNA interactions
  • Expressed protein interactions
  • Extracted protein interactions
  • Aptamer quality control
  • Drug discovery
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic applications
  • Aptamer biosensor development
"We have used label-free analysis tools in the past, but they are expensive to purchase and maintain and have steep learning curves. OpenSPR offers the perfect combination of performance and affordability, which will accelerate our research while saving our lab money. At the same time the system is very flexible and allows for a wide variety of experiment designs and applications" Dr. Thorsten Dieckmann

Chemistry, University of Waterloo

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