Carbohydrate Binding Kinetics

Label-Free Carbohydrate Analysis

Analyze glycoprotein and protein-carbohydrate interactions with your own benchtop SPR. Compact, user-friendly and affordable, Nicoya’s OpenSPR allows for label-free analysis to determine binding kinetics and affinity constants (kon, koff, KD) of carbohydrate interactions.


  • Determine kinetics (kon, koff) and affinity (KD) values
  • Quantify levels of protein
  • Yes/No Binding
  • Determine presence of protein
  • Specificity

Application Highlight

Glycan - Con A interaction studied using OpenSPR to determine binding kinetics

carbohydrate binding kinetics using surface plasmon resonance

Use Cases

  • Protein-carbohydrate interactions
  • Lectin, glycoprotein and glycolipid interactions
  • Determine effect of glycosylation on affinity and kinetics
  • Glycoprotein-drug interactions

Download Glycoprotein Application Note